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22. Oktober 2009

Pat Condell: Wake up, America

Filed under: freiheit,islam,meinungsfreiheit,politik,terror — willanders @ 22:51


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  1. Pat wonderful as ever!

    Muck Fuslims!

    Kommentar von Alexander Voronin — 23. Oktober 2009 @ 01:54 | Antwort

  2. „Islam deserves as much respect as it gives: ZERO!“
    Speaking out of our deepest heart of hearts and out of what we feel is the truth especially in the wake of the fact that it’s not for the sake of our personal gain, is the greatest treasure we can share with our communities.

    I remember when Dr Robert Spencer gave his speech at the human rights demo in Berlin on 03 October, he said that if this resolution really came into force it would become a tool for tyrants to foreclose on freedom.

    At any rate, the „cartell of islamic dictatorships“ or any gone-mad fanatics would have the greatest gain, no matter whether with or without religious agenda. Passing a law muting down any attempt of speaking the truth for fear of criticism at an international level is something Satan himself couldn’t have done better!

    Kommentar von Sarina Meyer — 23. Oktober 2009 @ 01:28 | Antwort

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